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#123 Juggling all the Things?

If you're a multifaceted maker, I know you're busy trying to juggle "all the things.” You got the fancy planner but you just can't seem to get out of the cycle of schedule shame.  

The secret to achieving is not doing more. It’s learning how to constrain and focus on your WHY and allowing that to drive your ship. In this episode I’m going to share 5 lessons I’ve learned from over-planning, over-doing and over-scheduling so you can notice them in your...
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#122 Master of YOU with Cate Stillman

Learn how to navigate this new world of uncertainty with Master of You, a 5-point system to synchronize your body, home and your time with your ambition.

Cate Stillman has been leading a global community of wellness seekers since 2001, and is the author of Master of YOU, a 5-point system to up-level your life using the healing science of Ayurveda.
During our chat, we discuss the cosmic shift happening in the world against a backdrop of racism and inequality, and how this...
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#121 Transform Your Life with a Coach

Through the power of working with a life coach you gain incredible insights and awareness about the root of any struggle and learn the steps to overcome them.

I share my own journey and decision to work with my own life coach which has led me to becoming one myself. I discovered that it doesn't matter what your goal is ...a life coach helps you gain awareness about something that may be holding you back that you may not even be aware of, so you can remove the...
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#120 The 4 Cs of Creative Confidence

In this spontaneous, “weekend wanderings” episode, learn about the path of the 4 Cs to develop creative confidence and how to make it the launchpad every day.

 I also challenge you to discover these 4 Cs for yourself with a fun enlightening exercise. Enjoy :) 

Need some help with a struggle? I got you ;)

Here are a few ways we can work together:

  • Set up a free breakthrough call: as a life and business coach, I hold the space for you to dig deeper …...
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#119 Knitalong with Grace Akhrem

Calling all shawl lovers! Meet Grace Akhrem, designer and teacher who shares details about her mystery knitalong (MKAL), and why NOW is the perfect time to cultivate the idea of "not knowing what's coming next on your knitting needles." 

If you're new to the knitalong world, now's the perfect time to dive in, especially if you're sheltering-in-place. This is a great time go clear the clutter ... go deep, slow down, and cast-on! 

You may be wondering what exactly is a Mystery...

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#118 Tame Your Time

Right now, more than ever, we have a special gift. The gift of TIME.

Many of us are home, sheltering in place … and our schedules have transformed because of this. And we have an opportunity to use this time in ways that we couldn’t before.

And to help you with with this … I’m hosting a free workshop called: Tame Your Time Don’t lose Your Mind, where I’ll be talking about 3 mindset issues that keep you stuck and how to overcome to create a...

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#117 Why You Need a Plan

With patience and a plan, you can identify what is within your control and let go of the rest. 

With all the lockdowns and kids at home from school, it's so easy to allow our brain to go to the extreme and think only in worst-case scenarios. 

We CAN choose PROACTIVITY, not reactivity.

Now more than ever, we need to live into the future and create a new set of beliefs and possibilities ... paint a new picture. To use this as an...
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#116 Crazy at Home with Kiddos

Home with the kids? Then this episode is for you. If you're anything like me, I've been struggling with having my son home and trying to manage my business and all "the things," so I created a guide that might help.

Working from home and balancing work and family is tough. It’s so easy to plug the kids in to the digital devices, which just won't fly for the next few months.
So here’s what I did - I sat down and mapped out a daily schedule for my son and I...
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#115 Courage in Uncertain Times

Courage is not the absence of fear. It's being scared as hell and facing it anyway. Courage in the face of uncertainty shows us what we're made of. 

During turbulent times we can have courage to hold space for ourselves and we can stay the course and sit with the feelings.
We can get through the river of misery. 
We can allow grace and cultivate patient acceptance.

The only way out is through.

-Robert Frost

We can take the first step in...

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#114 Resistance Makes You Create Excuses

Do you find all the reasons to not do what you say you will? Your reptilian brain is screaming: "me no wanna! I just want to knit and Netflix!"  

How can you possibly resist? The idea of knitting is perfect considering it's been a long day, and you really want to watch that docuseries on Netflix. "I deserve to kick back," you tell yourself.
What is at play here is resistance. We choose to do what feels good instead of the things that will help us reach our great...
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