Hi, I'm a life coach and maker of pretty things with string.

Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine my days knitting on the New York City subway would lead me to the dream of becoming executive editor of a major knitting magazine.

Once upon a time, a frazzled, burnt-out twenty-something walked into a tiny little yarn shop on Madison Avenue, and it was like entering a new world. In an instant she knew her life was about to change for the better.

That girl was me.

I was determined to make a life and career centered around my newfound passion for knitting and yarn. I had absolutely no idea how, but I was determined to figure it out. 

Fast forward almost 25 years later, yarn and knitting is still at the forefront of my life. Ask anyone that knows me ... my little Binkwaffle bag is always by  my side. You never know when you have time for a stitch or a row. Am I right?  


My journey in life has always been a creative one. From an early age, I was told to follow my dreams and I never thought any differently. 

My career began back in the mid 1990s working in New York City’s Garment Center as an eager designer. I later decided to finally take a chance on my passion for knitting, and poured my heart into starting a business in the yarn crafting world, which led me to an amazing career as an illustrator and pattern designer. In 2007, I began working in the craft publishing world as a craft book editor, leading me to the ultimate dream of running a popular knitting magazine.

Fast-forward to today, I have the honor and privilege to work with highly creative women get organized. If you struggle with managing your time and you constantly procrastinate on your goals, then get my free guide here.


5 inspiring ways to create MAGIC sparks in your knitting and yarn crafting + my favorite matcha latte recipe to "sip in the abundance."


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